Beware the Female Sociopath

Beware the Female Sociopath

17 June 2013 at 01:13

Sociopaths paths make up about 1% of the population with males being 7 times more common than females.

When hearing the word “sociopath” we usually think of “Male” and “Serial Killer.” We don’t normally think of women sociopaths. Sociopaths are often referred to as chameleons because they have the capability to blend in with society making them impossible to detect. This is how you may allow one into your life. You have no way of knowing!

Female characteristics (not being sexist) play a big role when talking about manipulation. Women will often “show their cleavage,” “bat their eyelids,” or “show some leg” to get their victim interested.

Female sociopaths sometimes establish antisocial behavior as children or adolescents. It can be lying, stealing, showing cruelty to their siblings or animals, early sexual activity or drug abuse. Because they have such a disregard for society, a sociopath that hasn’t broken the law just hasn’t been found out yet.

Socialized sociopaths are the hardest to identify! Regardless of their sociopathic symptoms, they succeed in blending into society. Some like living alone, while others get married and start a family.

As children, a sociopath can recognize they are different. They think differently and realize they aren’t “affected” by emotions. They think this way because they see themselves as smarter than others around them. At an early age, they learn to see the emotions others have and mimic them to appear normal, or to please others. They build relationships that are beneficial to them.

Female sociopaths display all the symptoms of a sociopath: lying, a parasitic lifestyle, the need for control, and the craving for excitement. Many live what looks like a typical life from the outside, content with blending in and doing what “normal” people do.

Others need more… more money, more control, more power, more excitement. They often get into trouble as they become impulsive, unable to control their emotions and behaving irresponsibly.

These behaviors often bring problems witin their marriage. Showing true sociopath style, they entice a man, create an intimate relationship, manipulate his decisions, and get married. They may try to isolate the man from his family and friends. They become bossy and controlling and will use sex as a tool to manipulate. The man is often subjected to emotional, verbal, psychological, and physical abuse.

If there are children of the marriage, it becomes ever more difficult. If there is a separation or divorce, the sociopath will easily use the children as pawns or objects as a way to continue to control the man.

They will not hesitate to obtain information from the children to use against their father, will lie to brainwash them into thinking Daddy is “bad” and will keep the father from having contact with them. They do this to keep their power and control and the wellbeing of the children is never a concern.

Female sociopaths have no problem lying, making up stories and doing whatever is necessary to get what they want. This works well in family matters where police or courts are involved. They are very convincing when playing the victim, and use society’s favoritism towards women and mothers to their full advantage.

Many female sociopaths go from one relationship to another. They use their sociopathic charm, good looks and female allures to build a relationship, take what they want, and disappear. Men are disposable! They leave behind a trail of broken hearts and baffled men, many who are poorer after the experience!

The writing below was cited from “Decision Making Confidence”

“She will choose you, charm you with her words, and control you with her presence. She will delight you with her wit and her plans. She will show you a good time, but you will always get the bill. She will smile and deceive you, and she will scare you with her eyes. And when she is through with you, and she will be through with you, she will desert you and take with her your innocence and your pride. You will be left much sadder but not a lot wiser, and for a long time you will wonder what you did wrong.” 

Most of us think of women as sensitive and nurturing. We don’t expect to see uncaring, cold-hearted, callous behaviors in women. It’s hard to imagine them being more conniving, controlling, destructive, malicious and downright mean than the male sociopath.

However, just ask any man who has been a victim of a female sociopath…

6 thoughts on “Beware the Female Sociopath

  1. “Female Sociopath” or “Femme Fatale Fundamentalists-Feminize”…”Their Breed” is as dangerous if not more than the Fundamentalists living in Afganistans’ Tora Bora Caves- Both send a chilling fear in the Society… and sooner the” Powers that Be” across the World realise, ..better it shall be..otherwise,… Men be-aware that in future your most safe place be a JAIL….. to steer clear of their Vendetta……. You will meet the same end as the King who “Empowered a Monkey with a Sword and employed him to protect to King”

    • Mr.sharma for ur kind information i met a female sociopath 2 years ago and i am still wondering what did i wrong to her i gave her pride cared about her feelings (which was just a drama) and tried to help her in her difficult time but………… itx a long story i just want to mention that she was an indian girl not afghan. hope u would correct ur directions. they are everywhere. a person have to be aware of them before they can bring u in hell with them.

      • Word Afghan is there only to compare the acts of woman psychopaths with that of terrorists and does in no way elate to Afghan women. In the end , mere fact, I am vocal leaves no doubt that there are enough women psychopaths in India and maybe they can be found any where or everywhere

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