Open jury trials in Australian Family Courts

Tony Abbott, PM Australia: Open jury trials in Australian Family Courts

Tony Abbott, PM Australia, The Australian Senate: Open jury trials in Australian Family Courts

Why this is important

Australian Children needs trial by jury to end corruption and graft in Australian Family Courts.
There really is no rule of law in the secret Australian Family Courts, judges just dictate and lie, there needs to be Open jury trials in Australian Family Courts.
Now only criminals get juries, where Australian children are being exploited and abused by lawyers and judges.






8 thoughts on “Open jury trials in Australian Family Courts

  1. My god, 4 years fighting this system, one choreographed court session after another to achieve the pre ordained outcome, silence the truth and hide away the evidence. corrupted Police failing to act investigate and on child assaults, corrupt FR Counselor, ICL and Federal Magistrate, my own Lawyers turning a blind eye to physical violence, alcohol abuse and a myriad of other criminal acts and I finally find a site like this… but I still cant see the part where we are saying “This is how we are going to do it” What is needed is focus groups to research each case as it presents, some case law to defeat these matters in court. I have physical evidence of the officials and Police in my matter perverting the course of justice, criminal matters hidden from the court system by manipulation, I am at my wits end and need help to expose this, I am one man, I have numerous years in the Police, I can point out the evidence, I have been financially and emotionally depleted and am about to take another step back in that bias court… I need someone, some people.. who can help me make representations… is there such a person of action here? This is a case that could be won, this is the way to move Children’s rights to have access to reasonable and loving fathers forward. It takes action. Help me expose this and I believe that this could influence the outcome of many other matters. Talking about this is not enough, it requires public exposure and successful representations.

    • Dear Friend, We have got to target these traffickers and criminals who are managing promoting and selling this human trade, trafficking in human suffering, we are determined to put an end to this vile trade, trade in human life, trade in human death.
      We have got to put the blame squarely at the appalling human traffickers, we now need to do everything we can using a comprehensive approach.
      These traffickers are utterly ruthless, they just want the cash, once they have the cash the deal is done.
      Every Australian Dad needs to join a political party today and lobby for justice.

      • The real issue is no moral compass especially from our civil service employee’s, illegitimate authority, is a clear indicator of APD [sociopaths and psychopaths].
        1% of the population have Antisocial Personality Disorder APD [ref DSM5] that is 230,000 psychopaths in Australia alone. Worldwide 70,000,000.
        APD [psychopaths] is why we are always at war, they are genetically flawed, disposing them to be criminally and morally insane.
        So where are they all, Terrorist States, ISIS, socialist states, civil services? Seems psychopaths gravitate to positions of power it is their nature.
        Australia is experiencing a massive constitutional crisis, 21 Billion PA wasted on fraudulent socialist services corruption in family court alone, 21 deaths per week by way of suicide, where is the public outcry here?,
        Our courts and civil services are awash with fraud and political corruption, especially here in Queensland.
        I Have been in family court for 5 years on proven via confession of false allegations of DV, against fraudulent socialist services corruption by Legal Aid Queensland they still won’t let my 5yo son see me, despite court orders, anyone like to try explaining that?
        Please stop funding legal aid Queensland socialist corruption and their feminists agenda.
        Please ask the [our] government.
        1. Do they employ psychopaths in civil services?
        2. How many psychopaths are employed in or civil services?
        3. Why are they employing psychopaths in civil services?
        4. Have they warned the people they are employing psychopaths in civil services?

    • Hi Matt, I read ur life experience and also have a very similar story to ur. Mine ranges over many Government Department. Complaints on all repersentives and very soon a Judge for 3 and 3/4 has believed a father clwho gas commuted 4 yrs if lieibg under oath. Its really frustrating try ing to get the court to do something so I am approaching other legal avenves through a private hospital because the judge refused my request to have him as a witness. I am used and treated like a Sargent mother unlawfully against her will have my past history used against me. Sagency in family law is not recognised in the act of law. This is a world wife problem. 4 yrs this true accusation of mine, anty has been unsuccessful to consive a child after 10 attempts of ivf and my sob father has stolen ly son to provide them with a childrd and grandson.

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