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Sydney Harbour
Bridge protester keeping up his fight

Sydney Harbour
Bridge protester Michael Fox says he is meeting his local member Bronwyn Bishop
today to continue his campaign to get more support for children from broken

Mr Fox, who stopped traffic by staging a sit-in at the top of the bridge
on May 17, said he had not seen his children since he was granted bail on
charges of climbing the bridge.

“[Politicians] have seen how resilient Australian soldiers are in
battle, well, unfortunately for them, this is my battle and I’m not going
anywhere,” he said.

“Until they give children a voice, I’m going to be the voice for the

The former soldier from Narrabeen, who said he was a paratrooper who
served in East Timor, was also scheduled to meet Rob Stokes, the state MP for
Pittwater, next week.

Mr Fox believed government authorities and institutions have failed to
protect children from disputes involving their parents when they separate, and
hopes an inquiry would help to explore how such processes could be improved.

“The way I look at it, I’m a veteran. And there’s a Veterans Affairs Minister.
And us veterans, compared to the number of kids in Australia, are very low in
numbers, plus we are adults, we can think for ourselves and vote with our feet.
But the kids can’t, they don’t have a voice. And yet there’s no minister for
children’s affairs.

“Jenny Macklin – her portfolio is way too big with family services. And
the only other one that comes close is Peter Garrett with his education
portfolio – early childhood learning and youth. And he isn’t even touching on
the problems of health affecting youth.”

He questioned why Prime Minister Julia Gillard weighed into the planking
debate last week but missed “the big white elephant in the room”, which he felt
were the after-effects of dysfunctional families on suicides and mental health.

Mr Fox, who is a father of three, declined to speak about his own case,
calling on the public and the media to “forget my name, but remember my

“I don’t think I will be able to implement any sort of change that will
affect my situation. I’m happy to be patient and to go through all the proper

“It’s the fact that through going through that process, it has made me
aware how many people are going through this. I’m not talking about adults, I’m
talking about children.”

He said that since his Harbour Bridge protest, he has received hundreds
of emails from parents and children telling him about their personal struggles
with the law and government institutions.

Mr Fox is due back at the Downing Centre Local Court on June 10.

Glenda Kwek

Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/nsw/sydney-harbour-bridge-protester-keeping-up-his-fight-20110527-1f7lk.html#ixzz1NYUYcdeN
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Harbour Bridge
Dad: One Man’s cry for Help will be ignored by the Gillard Government

Dear Gus, MG & Matty (Austero Radio Triple M morning hosts),

I am writing today to thank you guys for your interview of Mick Fox, who climbed the Sydney
Harbour Bridge
and caused massive traffic delays, in protest at how
he has been prevented from seeing his children by an uncaring and
discriminatory Family Law system in this country.

Although I was appreciative of your fair and even handed interview of
Mick Fox, one area not discussed during your interview was the Gillard
government’s proposed changes to the Family Law act, that will place fathers
like Mick Fox and his children in an even more precarious situation.

Currently the Australian Federal Senate is reviewing legislation put
forward by the Australian Labor Party to dramatically change Family Law in this
country, by removing the few remaining safeguards against child abuse in this

These draconian measures will effectively legalise ‘parential alienation, by removing the ‘friendly parent’ provision currently in the
Family Law act. In short, this means that parents would be free to undermine
the relationship the children have with the other parent, by any measure they
choose, without any legal implications, penalty or recourse for the children or
victim parent.

However of even more concern is the removal of any and all penalties
against the making of
false allegation in the Family Court
. Currently, if a
parent is found to have ‘knowingly’ made a false allegation in the Family Court
about child abuse or domestic violence, a Judge may choose, at their
discretion, to make this parent pay some of the legal costs of the victim

However Julia Gillard and her Attorney General, Robert McLelland, want
this provision removed, so that people can lie in Court, without any penalty at
all against them.

Given human nature as it is, if you have nothing to lose and a lot to
gain, many parents under the enormous stress of a divorce will choose to lie in
the Family Court, and this is simply not good for our society, and not good for
our children.

Julia Gillard… wants this provision removed, so that people can lie in
the Family Court, without any penalty at all against them.

And it beggers belief that this government is proposing such changes
without any thought at all at safeguards for he innocent victims of parental
alienation and false allegations.

These changes will simply make a bad situation much much worse for kids
and innocent parents, and we fear that will pass through the Senate, given the
sexist policies of the Greens who will soon hold he balance of power, unless
more parents are aware of these changes and what they really mean.

Please pass on this email to your listerners, and if they would like to
know more, please direct them to:


Thanks guys

Ash Patil

Nathan …

A protester called Nathan has climbed the Story Bridge, causing police to close three lanes of traffic.

Nathan explains that his protest is against the Family Law Courts.

<iframe type=”text/html” width=”300″ height=”120″ src=”http://www.novafm.com.au/embed/audio.aspx?id=103753” frameborder=”0″></iframe>

“The Family Law Courts of Australia and the Federal magistrates court department of child Services are an absolute disgrace. They cause more harm and more abuse than anything else.”

Nathan says he hasn’t seen his son for months.

Ash, Camilla & Luttsy with stand-in Dan spoke directly to the protester harnessed to the top of the Story Bridge at 6:30am.

Nathan is right and needs support … let us know if you know Nathan … Show some support leave a comment for Nathan

You are not alone;

please don’t hesitate to ask for support www.fathersunionaustralia.com



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