The DD Movement

Direct Democracy is a network of citizens who want all Australians to have a say in important questions about our country, and not just electing politicians every few years.

The movement’s patron is the noted broadcaster, Alan Jones AO

Direct Democracy is committed to returning the regular supervision of government in Australia to where it belongs,  to the people who work the first part of each and every year in funding it.

This has become more urgent with the degeneration of our representative democracy because of the machinations of the political parties.

Over 2500 years ago, Athens, the Greek city state, allowed all of its citizens – admittedly only free adult males who had completed their military service – to take an active part in the government. But in modern times, most democracies only allow the citizens to vote for the politicians every few years and to have no more say. It’s time to return to the Athenian ideal.

Democracy Greek

Joining Direct Democracy is free. We know every member will have something to contribute, so you can choose to the participate at whatever level is right for you. We will be encouraging the establishment of Direct Democracy divisions in each state and territory as well as local groups.

This will allow members to cooperate with like minded people both in relation to your state territory or region and in relation to your area of interest.

As a grassroots movement, our members are expected to treat each other with respect and work towards our common goals.

Thank you for your interest in joining Direct Democracy. Help us to give an effective voice to the people in the governance of our nation states and territories and our regions.

Direct Democracy proposes the election of a convention to develop this reform and refer it to the people for decision