Non-Custodial Parents Party (Equal Parenting)

1. Introduction.

The Non-Custodial Parents Party (Equal Parenting) was formed in Australia in 1998. We are registered with the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) as a political party.

Our Party has a large membership base. It consists of divorced fathers, divorced mothers, second wives, grand parents and other relatives and friends who believe that all children have a right to be cared for by both their parents, in the event of separation or divorce.

Neither gender nor the type of gender relationship are an issue to our party. What is most important is the children and the relationship of both parents with the children. Membership is open to everyone.

2. The Main Aim of the Non-Custodial Parents Party (Equal Parenting).

Our main aim is to ensure family law and child support legislative reform for the benefit of all.

We have found that the socialist-based political parties such as the Australian Greens and the Australian Labor Party are against this reform. We have also found that the main conservative-based political parties such as the Liberal Party of Australia and the Nationals are only luke-warm on the issue of reform. Therefore we have formed our own political party.

The present legislation and administrative procedures all ensure that the family law and child support outcomes are both unfair and inequitable. They are not aimed at helping and supporting parents and the child/ren after separation or divorce.

We believe that significant changes are necessary in order to enshrine a child’s natural rights to a meaningful relationship with both parents.

More details about our Family Law and Child Support policies can be found at the following link – Family Law and Child Support Policy. Specifc changes that we require to legislation can be found at Essential Changes Required to Existing Laws.

3. The Main Objective of the Non-Custodial Parents Party (Equal Parenting).

The main objective of the NCPP(EP) is then to restore parents as the main decision-makers in the lives of our children. We only have to look at the recent riots in England in August 2011 to see the outcome of not achieving this objective.

To achieve this objective, we need to first remove unnecessary bureaucratic government interference in our lives that are linked to social welfare payments.

There are various groups and branches located within the Government that are generally striving to control us. This is without seeking our involvement in the decison-making process.

One example where this occurs quite frequently is in the Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs (FaHCSIA). The overall structure of FaHCSIA can be found by clicking onto this link: FaHCSIA Organisational Structure .

One group and branch within FaHCSIA that particularly concerns our party is the “Families” Group and its related “Family and Child Support Policy” Branch. They are both located at the Tuggeranong Office Park, Athllon Drive, Greenway ACT. 2900. This group and branch make the policy decisions on child support issues that ultimately become legislation.

At a Senate Estimates Committee meeting held on 26 May 2006 it was reported at page CA15 that the “Family and Child Support Policy” Branch consisted of 30 members. No doubt, the number has increased since that time.

The Child Support Agency has 4000 employees and is a much larger organisation than say the “Family and Child Support Policy” Branch. However the CSA is part of a separate Government department viz The Department of Human Services. The CSA implements FaHCSIA’s policy decisons on child support once they have been put into legislation. They are not the real drivers of change.

Another similar branch is the Family Law Branch located within another Government Department viz. the Attorney-General’s Department. This branch is located at 3-5 National Circuit, Barton, ACT, 2600. The branch makes decisions on family law issues such as parenting and family violence.

The Non-Custodial Parents Party (Equal Parenting) needs your membership and your support in order to continue the struggle against this unnecessary bureaucratic interference into the lives of ordinary Australians.

4. The NCPP(EP) Election History.

The Non-Custodial Parents Party (Equal Parenting) has participated in all federal election campaigns since our registration in 1998 – that is, in 2001, 2004, 2007 and 2010. Where possible, we have tried to field candidates for both the Lower House (House of Representatives) and the Upper House (the Senate).

Our aim is to have effective candidates contesting positions in all six (6) States and two (2) Territories at the one Federal Election.

The maximum number of States that we have had candidates at any one Federal Election has been in four (4) states – Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia. This has occurred on two (2) occasions – viz. at the 2004 and 2007 Federal Elections. Since then, the candidates that contested positions in the 2010 Federal Election were based in New South Wales at that paticular election.

Full details of all our previous election campaigns since our first State campaign in 1999 can be found by clicking onto the Wikipedia link for our Party.

5. More Specific Details.

More specific details about the NCPP(EP) can be found by clicking onto the following links:

  1. Family Law and Child Support Policy
  2. Party Policies – General policy details such as health, education and welfare.
  3. Submissions, Speeches and Photo Gallery.
  4. Download our Membership Application Form (free)
  5. Contact Details if you are unable to download our (free) Membership Application Form.
  6. Change of Contact Details form (only required for existing members who wish to advise of a change in contact details)
  7. Donations
  8. Volunteers are also needed
  9. Summary of All Details Contained On The NCPP(EP) Web-Site

(Note: These items can be also assessed by clicking onto items in the head-note at the top of this page or in the side-note at the left side of this page).

6. Membership Details.

Membership is welcome from all Australian citizens (and also from British subjects that were on the Australian Electoral Roll prior to 25 January 1984).

Our membership is free and no commitment is required.

See Item 7 below on how our membership form can be obtained.

If you are able to also assist in any other way at the next Federal Election, your support would be also very much appreciated.

7. Obtaining our Membership Form.

A PDF copy of our membership form can be downloaded by clicking here.

You may need Adobe Reader to view this document. The Adobe Reader can be downloaded for free (from Adobe) by clicking here.

Alternatively a copy of our membership form in Microsoft WORD format can be downloaded here



8. Links to Other Similar Organisations

Links to parallel organisations can be found by clicking onto Resources at the top right hand side of this page.

9. The NCPP(EP) Contact Details.

The NCPP(EP) Contact Details are:

Andrew Thompson,
Party Secretary and Registered Officer,
Non-Custodial Parents Party (Equal Parenting),
PO Box 97,
Telephone: (02) 4630 9072
Mobile: 0408 645 511
Fax: (02) 4630 8300
Email Address:


Please download and sign our Family Law Petition.

Could you then return the signed petition to:

John Flanagan

PO Box 80,


We propose to present it to our politicians as soon as possible.


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  1. Hi there – is this political party still active as I see a huge need for this type of agenda and would be prepared to offer as much help in this regard as required as I’m a firm supporter of equal shared parenting which should go without saying. Thank you and hope to hear from you! Have many other people prepared to come aboard if we can get any information ???

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