Direct Democracy Not Parliamentary Rule


Politics Is Boring


We all avoid conflict because it’s unpleasant and stressful, that’s partly why most all of us avoid getting involved in politics on a day to day basis. We think also, that the reason other regular Australians don’t bother much with politics is because they can’t really effect political decisions in our government. If you don’t like the decisions then you can’t really do much anything about it. This is why politics can be so boring and frustrating. Nobody sits there for fun and watches the pollies place rules on us, and squabble with each other in parliament, when they have no real input in the process anyway.


We’re not completely powerless – we can vote whole parties out every three or four years, complain, protests, lobby or just whinge a little but we can’t vote out the one thing politicians on all sides agree on, that they are in charge. Politicians all completely agree that regular Australians should only get to choose who rules during elections and the politicians get to make the decisions in between votes. It’s not a terrible system we have in this country, but is it a terrible thing to suggest that we could do with a little bit of direct democracy?!


What is Direct Democracy


We at Direct Democracy Not Parliamentary Rule simply think that we can make Australians lives healthier, and a lot more meaningful, by pushing the idea that if people and communities get to have more of a direct say how their resources are used, (known as Direct Democracy) then everyone will be better off . Who knows better than we the public, what we need and want. A lot of the time, what most people think, isn’t even close to what the pollies think is really important.


We’re Not Selling Anything


Here is where you come in. For the moment we just want to talk about the principle of direct democracy in public a little, see how far we can get it out there as an idea that we can all think about and use. The way we want to do this is to get our name on the next ballot paper in the form of a political party called Direct Democracy Not Parliamentary Rule. We don’t even want your money.


If a member was elected to parliament they would only do whatever the membership told them to and nothing else, all in the spirit of direct democracy. However at this point this is not what we’re about – we just know that people, those in power and the media pay attention when a new party gets on the ballot. Getting on the ballot generates talk about the group and it gets people thinking about whatever ideas are behind it. There’s only one problem with getting on the ballot – the law. To register a party with the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) you need to have 550 people to step up and say they think it should be registers, we would like you to be one of those people.


Five Minutes Of Political Action Won’t Kill You


It’ll only take a minute to help get us on the ballot and if we do we can shake things up a little by talking about ways people, communities and work places can have more direct control over their day to day lives. Wouldn’t it be worth it just to see how those in power would react? To go ahead and help us download the Membership Form and be one of those people to step up and say to the AEC, the government and other Australians that direct democracy is an idea worth talking about…thanks!


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