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This series of data on the Australian Government’s Family Law Court / Child Support Agency Death Toll used to be published by the Dads on the Air Radio program and was updated monthly on their website. Dads on the Air maintained this series from late 2007 up until late 2011 when, mysteriously, the data simply and quietly vanished.

Not only did Dads on the Air cease publishing this data in late 2011, their web page was “data cleansed” and replaced with innocuous information all but singing the praises of the Australian Government’s Child Support Agency (to be picked up by the thousands of embedded links to this data that had been published criticising the Government’s cold-hearted mistreatment and abuse of these familes (more than 100,000 more families every year).

These and other informal statistics indicate that more than 70 Australians every week (more than 50 distressed dads, 10 distressed mums and 7 distressed children under the age of 18) successfully commit suicide every week as a direct result of trauma suffered at the hands of Australian Government through its agencies such as the Family Court and the Child Support Agency under socially divisive, unconstitutional, human rights violating, and deadly corrupt family laws and processes.

Most weeks, including each of the 6 weeks of the 2010 Federal electoral campaign, as the following data series shows the Family  Law Death Toll is more like 140 deaths per week (that’s 20 deaths per day of ordinary Australians whose lives are / were being administered by the Australian Government via its Child Support Agency).

Respected mental health professionals such as former Australian of the Year Dr Patrick McGorry, estimate that for every one successful suicide attempt there are at least seven unsuccessful suicide attempts.

And sucides are just the tip of a very dirty iceberg of dystopian Government created mental health, financial health, emotional health and quality of life destroying consequences of these corrupt laws, Government institutions and practices – costing the general public billions of dollars annually (and sustaining an enormous number of lawyer, social worker, mental health professional, police, drug and alcohol dealer, grafitti cleaner, property and life insurer, gaol, hospital, construction, banking (especially, repossession) and ultimately funeral and morgue worker livelihoods in the process.

Factoring in the other depression, poverty and crime, dimished standards of education and other related negative consequences, the social costs of these draconian Australian government laws, policies and practices of these dystopian government agencies are catastrophic for the general community – while being financially lucrative to the small class of lawyers, public servants and other professionals who ‘work’ in these fields.

See my 2010 piece: Legal Authority Warns that Family Lawyers are a Family Health Hazard for a brief introduction to the economics of this $50 Billion plus per year family law industry – a lawyer-enriching Government funded industry that traffics in distressed families and children, generating generations of misery on an industrial scale throughout the general community.

The following message is how Dads on the Air introduced these statistics – Doing, I think, an admirable job of maintaining calm tones having regard to the nightmarish lives, ended (the dead dad’s), ruined (the deceaseds’ children) and impacted (close and extended family members, friends and work colleagues) by these hellish Government driven outcomes.

##Australian Child Support Agency death toll since Kevin Rudd became Prime Minister: 3709 clients [NB: for the 9 months from mid-November 2007 to 31 August 2008]

When elected in November 2007, Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd said he would be a Prime Minister for all Australians. He forgot to include separated families. The high death rate amongst separated men is strongly associated with their mistreatment at the hands of government agencies, including the Child Support Agency (CSA), the Family Court, Legal Aid, Centrelink and their supporting bureaucracies. These agencies systematically strip fathers not just of their beloved children but of their assets and their incomes, with devastating affects on their physical and mental health. What makes this so offensive is that the bureaucrats and judges enforcing this antiquated system perpetuate the myth that they are acting “in the best interests of children”. The first child support agencies were created by the Bolsheviks in Russia in the early part of last century. They were introduced into Australia to fund the Family Court’s style of custody order which almost invariably favours sole mother custody. Dads on the Air estimates, using all the available and published data, that at least 12 clients of the Australian Child Support Agency die every day. This figure has never been denied by the CSA. While not all of these deaths are suicides by fathers, too many of them are. We hereby call on the government to publish monthly figures on the number of deaths of CSA clients and to fully investigate every one of these deaths. Even when it has been clear that the CSA has been a major factor in a father’s death, the Agency has refused to appear at inquests using privacy legislation as an excuse. No proper study has ever been conducted into the social and personal impacts of Australia’s despised child support system; and we hereby call on the government to institute such an inquiry as a matter of urgency. As is obvious to almost everyone who has dealt with them, the Australian Child Support Agency is a failed social experiment which should have been abolished a long time ago.”

I am investigating the circumstances of this rather Orwellian 1984 cleansing and rewriting of the public information data bases, with the intention of reconstituting and continuing to publish these statistics here.

So far (9 March 2012) I have republished below only the figures readily to hand, for the months of August 2008 and August and September 2010 (being the months of the hung Australian Federal election that saw Julia Gillard continue (with a minority parliament) as Prime Minister of Australia, in the place of the former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd whom she so shamefully betrayed in June of 2010).

These figures as at September 2010 , show a Family Court / Child Support Agency 3 Year Death Toll of 12864 (that’s almost 3,300 a year for three years) are a damning indictment of the Australian Government’s near genocidal policies and practices in what amounts to a Government war on families and the institutions of family, childhood and parenthood.

The Australian Government’s

Family Court / Child Support Agency Death Toll Counter

(since November 2007)

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  1. Genocide is a war crime. So how is the so called U.N allowing war crimes in Australia to not only continue, but illegal make profit of each death.

  2. When the mother removes the children in breach of FCWA orders it amounts to a financial windfall. The CSA removing monies from bank accounts.

    The wa office is ‘Closed to its so called clients

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