Contact PM Tony Abbott, STOP Political violent politically bigoted Satins Star Chamber Courts.

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Our Children, our families, our culture, our future under attack.


Dear Sir,

Please help our children, we are under attack, Family courts are an abomination of political violence, treachery, bigotry, sedition and corruption antisocial narcissists.

STOP Political violent politically bigoted Satins Star Chamber Courts.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely; John Dalberg-Acton, not in the least children’s interest to subject them to these sociopathic animals.

There are some 2 to 4 deaths per day directly related Family court Australia, that goes unnoticed, we need a commission overseeing FCA.

Begs the question why LNP are funding feminist industries Australia 16Billion Pa?

We cant build families on Marxist socialist feminism or build a nation, as socialism fascism communism, only a free economy and true democracy.

Why are the LNP allowing sociopathic feminism to overrun or courts, public services and universities.

Please stop funding feminism. repeal 121 FLA the Iron Curtin law of Socialist Narcisstic Family Court judiciaries and fire all dysfunctional antisocial Narcisstic socialist public servants.

FCA sociopaths in breach UN Human Rights treaty Convention on the Rights of the Child

Our Children, our families, our culture, our future under attack from within, organised crime graft profiting from crime and ambush psychological war against Australian Children and Families, antisocial socialist feminist treachery, bigotry and treasons under the Australian constitution we can not receive fair justice from this judiciary, FCA has been overrun by this foreign political violent power sociopathic pac, EMILY’s List is a political action committee (Super PAC) “More women in parliament, on corporate boards and in our courts“. Feminist or any other PAC’s have no place in the ‘Australian Commonwealth’ courts, by way of constitutional separation of power, it is treason. They exploit children and families in their ambitions of power to create a socialist Narcisstic feminist republic, money through children via the courts. “Early Money Is Like Yeast” (i.e., it raises dough), feminism is a KGB construct.

The Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) is Australia’s national security service, which is responsible for the protection of the country and its citizens from espionage, sabotage, acts of foreign interference, politically motivated violence, attacks on the Australian defence system, and terrorism, is not doing the job as it is mandated.

LNP, Mr. Tony Abbott we need to protect our children and families from family court predators.

Stop sociopathic socialist state corruption in FLC and their iron curtain.

Stop graft, exploitation and abuse in the child trafficking industry.

1. Repeal 121. Family Law Act (FLA) their iron curtain secret gag law on corruption.

2. Open the court objective truth, juries on appeals, not subjective bigoted judiciaries.

3.  Abolish legal aid. Stop funding corrupt illicit sex discrimination. Legal Aid should be nothing more than a self help webpage, not slush funds for politically violent law firms.

Judges on annual contract and review, based on quality of character or honour, cut their funding and pay.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” ―     Nelson Mandela

Your Name

LNP needs to learn is to sack on the spot antisocial Narcisstic corrupt public employee’s, enforce the public service act!!


This is the Brasil Law against Parental Alienation.



Universal Declaration of Human Rights


Whereas recognition of the inherent dignity and of the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world,

Whereas disregard and contempt for human rights have resulted in barbarous acts which have outraged the conscience of mankind, and the advent of a world in which human beings shall enjoy freedom of speech and belief and freedom from fear and want has been proclaimed as the highest aspiration of the common people,

Whereas it is essential, if man is not to be compelled to have recourse, as a last resort, to rebellion against tyranny and oppression, that human rights should be protected by the rule of law,

Lawful Rebellion – Clause 61 Magna Carta (1215) That all our law comes…

And we shall procure nothing from any one, either personally or indirectly, whereby any part of these concessions and liberties might be revoked or diminished; and if any such thing has been procured, let it be void and null, and we shall never make use of it ourselves or through someone else.


Have your say area is simply a place for everyone where you get the Freedom, Peace, Love and Respect to share what’s going on for you.

There is no right or wrong about what you say or how you say it — main thing is you let it out!

“I want it to be known – that we’re going to work with grim and bold determination – to gain justice…And we are not wrong. We are not wrong in what we are doing. If we are wrong – the Supreme Court of this nation is wrong. If we are wrong – God Almighty is wrong!…If we are wrong – justice is a lie.”

– Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


6 thoughts on “Contact PM Tony Abbott, STOP Political violent politically bigoted Satins Star Chamber Courts.

  1. Help me this terrorist organisations have taken over a lot of crucial industries and have use military agendas and tactics to terrorise any one who speaks out if you have a option they use psychological warfare to lobotomise any threat to there human trafficking organisation please help me! If we do not fight we will loose more then our children!!! Help. Asap please

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  3. I contacted him and got a letter from his office telling me that is up to the minister of social services. So far I have no any information from the minister.

    • Hi Fatima, thanks for your efforts, our aims are to educate all, especially the government’s.

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