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About Child Family Community Australia

Child Family Community Australia (CFCA) information exchange is hosted by the Australian Institute of Family Studies (AIFS) and funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services. It is an amalgamation of three previous AIFS clearinghouses: National Child Protection Clearinghouse, Australian Family Relationships Clearinghouse, and Communities and Families Clearinghouse Australia.


To be a primary source of quality, evidence-based information, resources and interactive support for professionals in the child, family and community welfare sectors.



The CFCA information exchange produces a number of publications including long papers, resource sheets and practice guides, which are published electronically and are free to access. Join the mailing list to receive notifications of the release of CFCA publications.

CFCA papers build on traditional literature reviews by offering an objective exploration of how research applies to policy and practice, and are not intended to be exhaustive or systematic literature reviews. Papers are often written by or in collaboration with expert researchers and service providers. Policy and practice case studies and other examples are often provided to illustrate the points observed. Key messages summarise the main conclusions.

CFCA resource sheets and practice guides are shorter papers that focus on a specific issue in depth. Summaries of legislation in a useable format, key messages related to good practice and overviews of statistical data are common examples.

All CFCA papers and short articles are subject to a review process. CFCA papers are reviewed externally by subject experts.

CFCA Connect

CFCA Connect is a dynamic, interactive source of the latest information in the child, family and community welfare sectors. Here you can engage in discussions with your peers, comment on our content, find and contribute short articles on current issues, read summaries of important research and reports, and discover what’s new in the field.

CFCA alert

CFCA alert brings together the latest offerings from CFCA Connect – providing a snapshot of the sector, direct to your inbox. Subscribe to CFCA alert and receive free fortnightly email notifications of our publications and AIFS news, as well as information on the latest research, practice news and resources, and forthcoming conferences and events.

Research and information helpdesk

CFCA provides a research and information helpdesk for child, family and community welfare service providers. Our research and information helpdesk can provide assistance with enquiries related to the latest stats and facts, evaluation advice, research findings, practice/policy pointers or many other topics.

To access the Research and Information Helpdesk call 03 9214 7888 or get in touch using our contact form.

Library services

Library collection

CFCA – through the Australian Institute of Family Studies Library – collates the latest research, literature and other information resources relevant to protecting children, supporting families and strengthening communities. Anyone can search the AIFS library catalogue.

Electronic resources in the catalogue are available directly via their web address. Print resources are available via the interlibrary loan system. Contact your organisation’s library or your local library for details of this system.

Library Membership Scheme

If you work for a not-for-profit, non-government service you may be eligible to be a CFCA library member. Library membership is free and entitles you to:

  • borrow books, reports and audiovisual materials from the Institute’s library collection; and
  • have up to 25 articles photocopied per year from journals held by the AIFS library.

Join our NGO Library Membership Scheme.

Advisory group

An external advisory group has been established to inform the work of CFCA. The role of the advisory group includes:

  • identifying current and emerging research, practice and information requirements of stakeholders;
  • providing guidance and feedback on the research and dissemination strategies of CFCA; and
  • providing feedback on CFCA outputs.

The advisory group meets face-to-face once a year and by teleconference twice a year. Its membership is as follows:

  • Associate Professor Leah Bromfield, Deputy Director, Australian Centre for Child Protection
  • Professor Judy Cashmore (AO), Assoc Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Sydney; and Adjunct Professor, Southern Cross University
  • Mr Steve Hackett, Executive Director, Family Relationship Services Australia
  • Ms Annette Jackson, Take Two Research Manager, Berry Street Victoria
  • Professor Bryan Rodgers, Professor of Family Health & Wellbeing, The Australian National University
  • Mr Simon Schrapel, Chief Executive, Uniting Communities
  • Ms Emma Sydenham, Manager, Policy and Research, Secretariat National Aboriginal Islander Child Care (SNAICC)


  • Elly Robinson – Manager
  • Rose Babic – Project Officer
  • Joanne Commerford – Research Officer
  • Cathryn Hunter – Senior Research Officer
  • Carole Jean – Librarian
  • Ken Knight – Senior Communications Officer
  • Shaun Lohoar – Senior Research Officer
  • Veronica Meredith – Research Officer
  • Rhys Price-Robertson – Senior Research Officer

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