Out on a Limb, A Single Father’s Guide to his Family’s Lore of the Jungle

Out on a limb 

Out on a Limb, A Single Father’s Guide to his Family’s Lore of the Jungle,  is a book that is not backward in coming forward, and nor can it afford to be. In the lives of modern Australian men many things are placed in the ‘too-hard basket’, and gaining the care of their kids after a divorce or separation is one of them. Written by a single father who journeyed into the jungle of family lore to find his son, this book contains simple and practical suggestions drawn from his experience and a chanced but valued conversation.

It is not legal advice, nor is it gospel but this book does contain many answers to a multitude of questions any single father on a similar journey will have. For when it’s time for a father to make his journey through this jungle to find ‘what’s best for his kids’, what he will discover is all he needs is some guidance, a lot of patience and a bit of help to reach an agreement.

“Out on a Limb” is a much needed, practical, down-to-earth, easy read for any bloke battling to avoid a war and remain a father to his children. This book proves that strength is a virtue not a weapon, well done Simon.”Ian (Watto) Watson, Founder of book_cover

“Shed Happens” and author of “Every Bloke’s a Champion – Even You!”

“Straight forward honest advice that could have saved me eight years of pain and heartache, not to mention a few dollars.” John Anderson, (Radio Surveyor)




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