Our Children Come First


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“The Greatest Gift YOU Can Give Your Child”

Are you in a tumultuous relationship? Are you constantly arguing? What unselfish acts can you take to save your child? In this non-fiction memoir, Robert Pikula takes you through the trials and tribulations you may experience in and out of divorce court. You will be surprised when you know what really happens behind the scenes with lawyers, judges and child services.

What Gift can you give your child? In this book you will discover:

  1. How any parent can keep his or her child safe and loved in the midst of a traumatic, life- changing experience.
  2. How to overcome the confusion involved with child services and family court.
  3. Successful ways to address the feelings of abandonment experienced by a child who has lost a parent.
  4. Understanding the emotional chaos of two little girls who fight against all odds to be together.
  5. A couple fathers doing the right thing for those little girls.

Robert Pikula has been a single parent for over 20 years. He raised his daughter since she was 5 months old with full, sole and legal custody. He has been in and out of court more than 10 times to keep his daughter safe.

This book is the definitive resource for parents who want to protect their children from the negative influences inflicted by the other parent. The court system is very confusing, but the children can be spared the agony and pain of this process simply by using the strategies outlined in this book.

For far to long, the legal battlefield involving child custody has been without a guide for parents who want to help their children. “Our Children Come First” is the resource every caring parent has been searching for.

Our Children Come First

A Parent’s Responsibility to Do the Right Thing Amidst Emotional Chaos







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