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  1. Hi Michael, I met you at a presentation you gave at Monash University in Melbourne in 1996 I think it was, if my memory is correct. I am now Married again to a wonderful woman, who has persevered with me “warts & all” blessed with two wonderful Step Daughters & two Step Grand Children.My wife & I have been together for 18 years.
    However I have not seen my son since 3 days before his 21st Birthday & my Daughter since she was 17. They are now 36 & 34., Sad to say that my first wife has blocked them out of my life. I did try with letters & Family Mediation seeing Quenton Proctor if I remember his name correctly & Quenton moved to Queensland. I still have all the letters that I wrote to my children, dozens of them, but all to no avail. One of the hard parts was I knew I was going to loose them, it was absolute hell.
    Your book Men After Divorce I read before all of this unfolded, but as a separated Father at that time it gave me great consolation & confirmation that what I was going through was real & yes acceptable, I was not alone.
    When I spoke to you Michael you said to me “now Denis, you can help others”. I gave your book to a chap I was working with who had two children & was at that time separated. He thanked me very sincerely later for doing that. He was not a very expressive man either, but spoke personally to me.
    I am now 65 years of age & have had to block out of my mind my own children & put them in my sub conscious otherwise I would go mad. I have on many occasions “lost it” with my now Wife & attended a Mens Anger group & continuing councelling in Mornington for over 6 years. Before that I attended one in Box Hill. In the long run it has not “cured” my problems or situation & in the end I left the Mens Group after discussion with the leaders there in Mornington.
    It angers me,frustrates me to see & read in the press & it seems to put it that Men are totally responsible for violence etc. I on one hand thoughly agree. Violence in any way let alone to women is totally unacceptable. However the women can & do carry out very deliberate & permament damage themselves. Where is this publicised or shown? It is highly damaging what a woman can & does do, but it gets very little attention. The Man it seems is always responsible!! Where do the women take responsibility. I would trust that as abhorrent it was for Rosie Battie that even she could speak something of the word here in consolation for men. I know you need to be very careful or men WILL use that the wrong way. Rossie now does fantastic work all credit to her, to be able to do it after what she must have been through is remarkable. But the message to me seems to be very one sided & we need to be careful that the wheel does not turn too far in the wrong direction & more damage is done.To men & also to women.

    What do you think, am I still “off the mark”

    Kind Regards & Thanks,
    Denis Horton.
    Cowes Victoria.

  2. Hi Michael, I have read your book, and I fully support your comments with regards to Family Law Matters having to be dealt with in the FLC system. As I work in the Post Separation arena as a FDRP I am extremely interested in any progress you might have made with regards to potential changes you voiced in your book Fathers After Divorce. I for one am totally opposed to the adversarial approach which at this point is the only option left for parents when FDR has failed. There is so much that needs to be changed and I will support any action that is implemented so as to give Australian parents better support, and potentially a better result for their children. I have been an FDRP for six and a half years, and I am very involved in supporting separated parents and in particular Dads. I can certainly discuss this further as I would love to be part of, and support any changes in the future.

    Kindest regards

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