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  1. Listened to Victorian police commissioner Ken Lay making media comments today and can’t help but feel this man is on a personal vendetta against fathers. Today he used the extremely tragic event of 11 year old Luke’s murder by his father to ask ‘how many fathers must we allow to kill their children……. ‘. Ken Lay knows very well that there are only about 25 children killed in any year by their parents and that 37% of the killings are committed by mothers. The tone of his voice was clear. He blames men for everything and he is going to use this extremely rare and sad event as an excuse for intervention whenever the police or neighbour might overhear a father who might have a verbal disagreement with any mother in Victoria. An other occasions, comments that Ken Lay has made on DV suggest he is biased and obsessed with blaming and punishing men who might stand up for their rights as fathers. It is a worrying observation and maybe Ken Lay needs to be challenged on his impartiality.

    • Judicial government corruption dishonesty disinformation tyranny, it is a psychological war on families, this is where Australia is going fascist / socialist / feminism, I don’t think we will be able to stop it.

      All law and democracy is designed to address dysfunction ‘Anti-Social’ behaviours and events, to allow social civilised society to flourish to its full potential, the hieratical judicial system is easily corrupted and in its self a dysfunctional failure.

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