Civil Liberties Australia

cla-logosmall7aCivil Liberties Australia

We stand for people’s rights, and go in to bat for everyone’s civil liberties.

We monitor police and security forces, and the actions and inaction of politicians. We review proposed legislation, to make it better, and keep watch on government departments and agencies.

We work to keep Australia the free and open society it has traditionally been, where you can be yourself without undue interference from ‘authority’. Over 2011-12-13, our main activities will be:

  • promoting civil liberties –      a fair go for everyone – in Australia;
  • seeking reform of      parliamentary processes and systems to improve Australia’s democratic      system;
  • making submissions on draft      laws and arguing our case at parliamentary hearings;
  • working to correct the worst      excesses of anti-terrorism laws;
  • helping to safeguard      people’s data and privacy, especially in health;
  • reviewing government annual      reports claims;
  • cooperating with similar      groups on particular issues (privacy, prisons, refugees, mental health,      drug law reform, aboriginal rights, migrant rights, whistleblowers,      voluntary euthanasia, etc)
  • campaigning against the      death penalty internationally;
  • monitoring prisoners’ and      detainees’ rights in jails, particularly juveniles;
  • working with legal students      on research internships analysing national issues;
  • producing a monthly email      newsletter CLArion on key issues; and
  • creating a national civil      liberties organisation, with rural and regional membership.

In joining Civil Liberties Australia, while we expect your support, we recognise that you may not be an advocate of every policy.