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Thursday, 25 February 2010 14:48
Alecomm was developed to be the “go-between”, so to speak, for the community and the government.

Alecomm is currently dedicating most of its resources to the child protection system in which we have received much information indicating there is a great need for major overhaul within the related sectors. 

We are not here as a hate / defamation operation, but as it would appear that many of our clients are consistently turned away from their apparent grievance measures implemented by each various government organisation, there is no otherway than to make some information public until all the matters that Alecomm have brough to the publics attention have been addressed and adequately dealt with.

Due to premature claims of defamation by individuals determined to prevent disclosure of corruption within the Department of Community Services and organisations such as Catholicare, Alecomm has implemented a system whereby government employees may access the information directly via special measures to verify that there is no defamation.  This in turn easily proves that these employees are not working for the best interest of the child, nor the family and are also wasting valuable government resources.  It will also lay groundwork to gain multiple offence charges per each corrupt individual.

It is extremely sad to see how many families and children are being abused and destroyed on a daily basis as there has been no adequate implementation of procedures for dealing with corruption in the child protection sector, and another enquiry 30 years down the track and a pathetic apology does not cut the mustard anymore.  Records will be kept at Alecomm indefinitely so for any cases that may still go ignored, when the government does get around to recognising the issues they will not be able to say they did not know, and each and every person whom was contacted will therefore be liable for their part in doing nothing regarding the abuse and or neglect.

This system will also provide the ability for various agencies to view together the amount of corruption within the Department of  Community Services and enable them to be able to lay charges and sack corrupt employees much easier, which in turn is “in the best interest of the child”.

Our services are also necessary to provide information for our senators and politicans – to see that the public is more than capable of coming up with ideas that can sometimes save the government alot of money with very simple solutions, or save alot of public grief with very simple solutions.

Join us and become part of an organisation that helps make the system work better!  We not only provide interesting reading to our clients, with their option to submit information for production, but we also have many other options as a client of Alecomm.

We work for the groups that require the help that constantly falls upon deaf ears.

The government recognises that it does not have all the answers, as the people that work for the government are only human themselves, and we must all admit that ears should be open to one and all whom have something to say that benefits all.

We also take information for a range of projects such as Parental Rights Seizure. Many parents whom have raised their children from birth, have had no negative Docs, police or medical reports are finding themselves without their children these days because of major loopholes in the family law legislation. Parents who have lost their children are encouraged to register and submit all their details in the interest of putting all heads together to get our children, of “the New Stolen Generation” returned.

Alecomm has run many other programs in the past, including Children Lost in the System for instance, where children are being taken by fit parents where there is no evidence of abuse or harm. View Family Law Projects for more information or read the Bad Judgements section also (currently in archives).

For further information on this, please view our Legal Information Section. Information held by Alecomm is subject to strict confidentiality guidelines, and, disregarding information on services, projects and proposals, is unavailable to the public.  Government employees with appropriate classification and security clearance will have access to all documentation as Alecomm has no intention of concealment as this would defeat the purpose of our organisation.

Other information will be provided to victims pending approval from the administrators here at Alecomm, however, very strict and stringent guidelines are in place.

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