Dads protest outside court to see their children

Andy Parks
Dads outside the Family Court in Lismore protesting about lengthy delays that keep them seperated from their children.Andy Parks
TODAY marks 12 months since the last time Adam (not his real name) saw his daughter.
TODAY marks 12 months since the last time Adam (not his real name) saw his daughter.

He marked the occasion by staging a protest outside the Family Court in Lismore along with a couple of other dads who have been through lengthy court cases in order to see their children.

“Every adjournment is a sentence for the non-custodial parent,” Adam said.

The court has ordered that Adam be given supervised visit with his daughter every fortnight. He drove to Coffs Harbour for these visits on a number of occasions, but the mother decided it was too stressful for their daughter and just stopped coming.

“I don’t get any photos, artworks, news from what’s happening at school – nothing. She (the mother) ignores everything (the court ordered) and there is no penalty.”

Many of the delays in his case are because the judge is based in Townsville and only occasionally put on the Brisbane circuit, which includes the Lismore Family Court.

Adam’s story resonated with several passers-by who offered support while The Northern Star was visiting.

“We went through it and everyone came out bitter and twisted. It’s a f**ked system,” one woman offered.

“So many people, particularly men, have told me not to bother, not to feed the system and the lawyers, to wait until your kid grows up and that they will come back to you then,” Adam said. “But I don’t want to do that.”

One father said in order to be eligible for Legal Aid, he had to give up his job.

Adam has spent so much time studying the legal proceedings of his case, he is now studying law at SCU and one day hopes to be able to help other dads in Family Court matters.

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  1. I was about to start a petition in Came across other petitions and feral supporters in the negative. Felt helpless and sick, thinking how can I & fathers ever get the law amended in order to have my case heard, let alone even noticed, for fair & equap treatment when accused, charged & waiting to be hung just as another “wife-beater”.

    My lawyer said just ‘plead guilty’ hope for best (no priors). To be the primary carer to my 3yr old son, to not having seen him for 2months. All the while assault charges adjourning & ex-partner refusing any mediation. I waste away, refusing to give up & be on the list #21!

    Sick to death of being told “it’ll help your case” to see social workers, psychiatrists, mental health, mens groups, anger management groups. When noone is listening to me in the first place and it kills me separated from my son.
    My court date is March 24th 2015.
    Any information so I can be reunited with my son is greatly appreciated.
    God&Buddha Bless.

    • Has anyone else noticed the left have built a Jacobin Club under our noses ?
      This is where feminism comes from.
      Reality check We ARE UNDER ATTACK We have lost our rights to free speech, fair trials, juries, liberty, and justice in our secret socialist run family courts.

      Jacobin Terrorist Club – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia they controlled the government from June 1793 to July 1794, passed a great deal of radical legislation, and hunted down and executed their opponents in the Reign of Terror.

      $21,000,000,000 AUD PA 100,000 LAWYERS, BARBARISUM NO RULE OF LAW it is literally the Manson family on $21,000,000,000 Billion Dollar organised crime spree by way of fraud on steroids, lie cheat slander steal kill, in full knowledge, consent and facilitated by the judiciary, 21 Deaths a week #21fathers.

  2. Fathers at long last are startng to speak out and can describe how and by whom they are being wrongfully treated. Speaking out is not quite as useless as not speaking out. When blokes know so well who the culprits are why in hell do they not iovoke the applicable aspects of ‘administrtive law. All of these officers including solicitors and family counsellors work under this section of law out of The Legislature insisting that they must comply. The rest is up to the wronged persons to begin actions against these self serving moslty feminist officers. If you don’t its your falult.

  3. It was a few years ago now. I stopped a woman slapping her boyfriend continuously by telling her I would report her to the police. The boyfriend/partner had a few drinks but he was not violent and certainly not retaliating. He just stood there like a dummy taking blow after blow, slap after slap. As a matter of fact, I and my friend told the police exactly what we saw when they arrived. Despite our willing to be witnesses to the assault by the woman, they did not press charges against the woman. We thought OMG what would have happened to the bloke if the tables had been turned. He would in jail so quickly his feet wouldn’t touch the ground. However, as we all know and as the prime minister of Australia has shown by his support for the campaign against “Domestic Violence against WOMEN AND CHILDREN ONLY”, women NEVER COMMIT DOMESTIC VIOLENCE. What chance do we have? Which political party looks after men please? Thank you.


      AUSTRALIAN DEMOCRACY ONLINE PARTY, DEMOCRACY 2.0 THE UPGRADE Only together we can over run the ALP LNP Cults with our own direct democratic party, to make the changes we want and need for our children and our children’s children.
      Change won’t happen unless we make it happen, we have to do it together as one, unless we do we will relive history.
      Point is laws are only any good if they protect us and our rights, freedoms and liberties, laws are only good if they are upheld at all times equally.
      It is obvious to most that the government and pathetic judiciary, our employees do not up hold the law nor the spirit of the law, because they hold us in contempt and this is why we are here to be a political force to deal with them, because they believe we work for them, and in reality we do, we work and pay them tax an they hold us in contempt..

      • Thank you. Will look into this pronto. All I know is things cannot keep going on the way they is going. Personally, in my case, it was the “Domestic Violence Against Women and Children” campaign that broke the camel’s back for me. It was a surreal campaign in a world in which only men perpetrated violence. I sent an email to the prime minister’s office saying that I could not vote for his party anymore because of this. If men do not help themselves, no one will help us. We are literally dying out there and “Beyond Blue” was set up to keep walking wallets from killing themselves and NOT PAYING. Lol. They don’t seem to address the fundamental causes of why men are committing suicide and suffering from depression. God help us please because no one else will.

  4. Yes a vary bios system,,the mother says jump,they ask how high,,I haven’t seen 2 of my kids Nelly 7 years,,years in out of CRT till it Nelly killed me,,then child support through me out on the streets,every day/week good dads commit suicide and suffer deep depression created by failing systems,were lawyers etc use the term best interest of the children as a profiteering tool,,the children have every right to love and see both parents,usually one parent uses them as a tool for more money and revenge on other parent,,

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