The Federal Senate Inquiry into Children in Care in Australia 2014 Submission

The Federal Senate Inquiry into Children in Care in Australia 2014 Submission

At Alecomm we understand the many difficulties that are encountered when dealing with the Child Protection system across Australia today.The federal senate inquiry into Children in Care in Australia (2014) brings with it a very rare opportunity for all involved to be heard. In order for your voice to be heard, your difficulties and hardships in dealing with the complexities that are faced by families and their children within the Child Protection system this submission is your gateway to the inquiry.

We encourage you as parents along with all family members of children in OOHC to take full advantage of this inquiry in order for those holding the inquiry to gain a better knowledge of the systemic issues within the system as it stands today, so they are able to bring about changes and far better outcomes for families and their children.

We understand that it can be quite difficult dealing with child protection, but this is one of the biggest opportunities that anybody involved in child protection has had in a very long time, so take this opportunity to have your voice heard – because they are finally listening.

It is imperative that you fill in this form and ensure everybody you know that is involved or had children removed fills this in also.  This means mothers, fathers, grandparents, aunties, uncles, siblings, and particularly children already in Out-of-Home Care.  Anybody that has had issues and concerns when dealing with child protection in Australia.

Please ensure that you SAVE your submission whilst you are filling it in.  The button is right down the bottom and enables saving and returning.  This is a safety net in case anything happens as it will ensure all your data is retained.  PLEASE make sure you do this.

A copy of your submission will automatically be emailed to the address you supplied in the submission.

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