We need to take the fight to them.

Dear Senator Madigan
I listened with interest to your speech:
Sadly there are a few small issues wrong.
David Collier is not a rather seemingly wonderful Judge at all, he is instrumental in a lot of the bad behaviour even assisting in creating and manipulating a case against the Fathers.
Diana Bryant is involved in the cover ups of all this.
Do I have the evidence – I sure do, and they know it. A lot of respectable people went to a lot of effort to nail them – this now is the most provable case against that court that has existed.
These people are very very frightened of me. Thats why I can publish this online and get away with it.
These links are the basis of what is what has now become a worldwide movement to bring the Court to its knees and prosecute these lot.
You can assist us or you can walk away – I am really not concerned.
Paul Rich
I would appreciate a reply one way or another.

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