Parliamentary Inquiry into the Child Support Program

The deadline to make submissions to the Parliamentary Child Support Inquiry has now been extended to Friday 4 July 2014.
If it helps, our understanding is that this inquiry will be about whether the existing system should be changed. We believe that the following six (6) changes should be made. These issues are listed below.
1. Child support should be based on net income and not gross income.
2. Overtime should be excluded from child support.
3. There should be a fairer cap on the maximum income to determine child support payments.
4. The payer should not be penalised if the payee chooses not to work. This is when the payee has the ability to do so.
5. Court-ordered custody arrangements should determine child support payments – not claims by the payee.
6. As a general comment, the child support system should be fairer
Your support (if you have not already done so) is encouraged by snding in your submission by 4 July 2014.
Public Hearings.
Note – anyone can attend a public hearing and also give a three (3) minute talk to the Committee. This is during the Community Sessions. We would suggest that you take this important opportunity.
Future Public Hearing Dates (already held in Canberra (26 June 2014) and Sydney (27 June 2014)).
17 Jul 2014 – Canberra (2), ACT.
18 Jul 2014 – Melbourne, VIC.
21 Jul 2014 – Newcastle, NSW.
22 Jul 2014 – Queensland, QLD.
23 Jul 2014 – Mackay, QLD.
04 Aug 2014 – Adelaide, SA
05 Aug 2014 – Perth, WA.
06 Aug 2014 – Karratha, WA.
TBA – Ballarat, VIC.
TBA – Hobart, TAS.
John Flanagan
Non-Custodial Parents Party (Equal Parenting)

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