Violence Against Women: Socialists Say Yes

by Tim Andrews on 16 May, 2014

BREAKING: In a staggering display of misogyny, left wing protesters at the University of Sydney physically attacked Julie Bishop earlier today, the minister narrowly escaping serious physical harm by the quick-response of her security detail.

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Sydney University Students’ Representative Council Education Officer, Ridah Hassan and National Union of Students NSW Education Officer Chloe Rafferty appeared to take credit for the attack. Unconfirmed reports further state that Tom Raue, a member of the Greens and Vice-President of the University of Sydney Student Union, was also heavily involved in the incident.

The Sydney University Student Union, SRC and the National Union of Students are supported financially through the compulsory student unionism introduced by the previous Labor Government.

The attack was allegedly over the Coalition’s plans to deregulate our tertiary education sector.

UPDATE: A facebook group expressing disgust at this behaviour has been formed – Violence Against Women: Uni Students Say No. I strongly encourage everyone to join.

UPDATE 2: The Australian Liberal Students’ Federation has released this statement.

UPDATE 3:  A campaign has been started to make the perpretuartors of this vile act responsible for their actions: Take part here

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Truth will out!


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