Government review of the Child Support System – Make it Fair

We the undersigned are asking that the Australian Senate & the Australian Federal Government review the entire current Child Support system and create a new system that employs enough workers so that each case can be properly assessed individually.

The amount payable to the other guardian of the child/children needs to be assessed on a case by case basis. We the undersigned would like the costs of each child to be equally shared between each of the biological parents 50/50. The current Income formula needs to be reviewed and capped at a fair and reasonable to be determined rate for the average income in Australia.

If access is denied to the paying parent (Unless due to a legitimate proven danger to the child) payments shall be reduced to a minimum until such time as a visitation arrangement can be made to allow access to that said child/children.

If the paying parent has attempted to start another family with other children, those children in the new family shall be calculated by CSA the same as the child/children they are paying Child support for.

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