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Dear, Natarsha Belling and James Mathison

Sydney 1 Saunders Street Pyrmont, NSW 2009 GPO BOX 10, Sydney, NSW 2001

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Regards your presentation today on domestic violence this morning.

My young son is being seriously exploited and abused I have absolute proof way beyond any dought, I have been in family court for 4 years, it is so corrupt, and they have no regard for children, families or law, only power and money.

My young son is missing since November 2012 because I complained to CAFS Queensland children’s detention centre Eagleby about unexplained burses as has happened before, hearing after hearing, now I have to apply to the high court. The judiciary and the lawyers lie and cheat with impunity, deprive justice and steal all hope from both men and women, literally drive people insane over years of court hearing after hearing and that’s what kills 2 to 4 people per day in family court related deaths, the loss of all hope until there is a complete breakdown.

Law 121. Family Law Act (FLA) their iron curtain secret gag law, dads in particular have little or no support, no legal aid, nothing and no where to turn, deliberately because driving people insane drives the industry, I am under 3 gag orders and a 12 month bond. The socialists and feminists have a vast antisocial network over run public services, that is so dangerous, this is how socialist states form, no regard for children, families, the law, no ethics or morals, truly ADP NPD.

Ever wonder why socialist governments are so antisocial, been to North Korea lately?

It is how all governments fall, by failing to purge corrupt services and judiciaries, Russia fell, because the corrupt antisocial network was already fully established, the Russian monarchy failed to purge the corrupt individuals and paid the price, the west is making the same mistake. No public employee can be allowed to be corrupt and left unattended, not one rotten apple, especially at the top, and there is the difficulty, the corruption is at the very top. It is the ATTG’s department’s duty uphold the law, to act on corruption, so far they have all refused and failed, this is where purge needs to start at the top to bottom.

Please don’t blame Dads that is what the industry wants.


Steve Wickenden, Gold Coast, Father in Australia http://fathersaustralia.com/

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