A message from CAP

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Dear member,

A message from CAP

I am writing to you personally to let you know that Pru Gowards legislation will pass if we all do not stand up against this, You being a member gives you the reason to do this as your here because you want your children returned.

What we need from you is participation in the group you can only be helped if you help yourself. We value your efforts and need more help so if you can that would be great. The post that have been put up are not just for reading but to empower you to comment, to have your say and fight for your children.

This fight is for everyone a collaboration of people working together to STOP the injustices and crimes that have gone on for far too long.

If you want Admin or help from others then help yourself show us your fighting spirit, show us by working with us. What does need to be done ASAP is the Victims Impact Statement.

Please down load this from the cap fb page or in files In order to save our stolen children we MUST provide case evidence to the Australian Senate to force an inquiry into the corruption of the Australian Child Protection Industry and abolish the crimes of the current state and territory legislation that allows unregistered caseworkers opinion to legally kidnap our children and grandchildren until they are 18 years old.

Every member of their family and significant others touch by the forced removal of a child this is YOUR chance to really make a difference and bring an END to the New Stolen Generation of Australian Children.

Completing this VIS is VITAL to make changes for your stolen children. It will be a very difficult process completing the VIS but no more difficult then the worry, pain, grief and loss that we all suffer everyday for our stolen children and grandchildren.

Please take the time to fill in this Victim Impact Statement (VIS) the “Forgotten Australians” We required only 516 VIS to achieve their Senate inquiry. If anyone requires help or support to complete this document just ask …

Write The Hon. Barry Robert O’FARRELL,  MP




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