ABF Public Meetings

The Australian Brotherhood of Fathers is seeking support from fathers across the country to remind policy makers that we have an important role to play in Australian families and society.

Our rights and the rights of our children are threatened by policies that do not represent our views and fail to provide for our needs.

Fathers and their children deserve better outcomes from government in our modern society.

If you want change for the better, if you want improved services and support for your children we need to see you on the ground at the upcoming meetings.

This is your chance to be apart of a better future!

Fund raising BBQ will be available on the day

More interstate dates to be confirmed.

What can you do?

Click on the link below and let us know you are coming.


Then go to the Australian Brotherhood of Fathers page and like it!


This is the first way you can make a difference and it allows you to be contacted by the group.

Share the message and commit to attending the events!

Tell others that have either dealt with or are currently dealing with access and custody issues that the time for change is now!

If we work together they can’t ignore us!


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