Interactive Parenting Plan

index_slideshow_IPPWhat is a parenting plan?

A parenting plan is a voluntary agreement that covers the day to day responsibilities of each parent, the practical considerations of a child’s daily life, as well as how parents will agree and consult on important long-term issues about their children. It can be changed at any time as long as both parents agree.

A parenting plan is not legally enforceable and is different from a parenting order, which is made by a court. Parents who make a parenting plan can ask the court to make an order in the terms of that plan.

Once made, these orders are legally binding – they have the same effect as any other parenting order made by a court. You can use this Parenting Plan to: Generate ideas of what you want for yourself and your child(ren) Save thousands of dollars by being prepared when you consult a lawyer.

Feel more confident when going into the Family Court system by being better prepared. Determine new ways of working together with your ex by understanding individual and mutual needs. Assess your current situation and create a practical goal oriented plan for the future.

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