Stealing Children

NATO SECURITY SPECIALIST Speaks Out on the UK Stealing Children for Profit

March 11, 2013

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Once again: a tragic story behind a courageous victim turned starfighter

  • Nigel Cooper whose daughter BailieKate Cooper wants to be with him but…
  • Sunderland Social Services interfered AGAINST the interest of the child
  • the father doesn’t mince his words when he speaks of the UK stealing children
  • he obtained a major judgement from Belgium that he hopes will help not only him and his daughter, but the many other victims of institutionalised child snatching, as we described in our letter to the Attorney General
  • over 2 years, he collected 15,358 emails and documents that have fingerprinted the UK stealing children.

Normally, we refer to the following legal frameworks

The Belgian judgement that Nigel Cooper obtained is here (with my emphasis and highlights added) and adds

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Armies of family court judiciaries lawyers and their cohorts are snatching and exploiting childern on an industrial scale never seem before.

Then gloating on destroying thier lives, killing 2, 3 people and up every day here in Australia alone.

Fathers Union of Australia


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