There is nothing feminine about lying.

There is nothing feminine about cheating

There is nothing feminie about misandry.

There is nothing feminine about bigotry.

There is nothing feminine about narcissism.

There is nothing feminine about child abuse.

There is nothing feminine about abortion.

There is nothing feminine about infanticide.

There nothing feminine about feminism.

Most violence neglect and abuse against children are by women, the most violent is abortion and infanticide by women.

Feminist, are particularly vile and narcisstic.

Women have an historical overwhelming reputation they can’t be trusted, just out for a free ride and free passes.

Their real agenda seems to be male submission their rule control and servitude, not ever equality.

“Sexist feminists, in the familiar phrase, “want to have it all”, the children and the money. It follows that they want fathers to have nothing, other than what individual mothers deign to allow them.” [AVfM]

There so few stand-up women, until women make an undertaking committed effort and pledge to be upstanding and act with honesty and integrity they will carry their well earned distrust and contempt.

I wonder if any will commit to such an undertaking or simply duplicitic feminist drones and trolls.

Dear Member of Parliament

We would like to express our concern over the lack of respect being shown for the role of fathers of Australia, and the vilification of all fathers personally in that role. The nature of political discourse in this country has sunk to a very low point. Although we may not all support the Government and all of its policies, the unacceptability of current abusive and violent attacks on our fathers is something that we can all agree on. As professionals, we find this kind of abuse and gender based insults totally unacceptable and demeaning to all men.

many fathers and their children calling for Human Rights and Social Justice highlighted the extent and intensity of the “attacks, vilification and demeaning portrayal” of fathers . We note that large numbers of ordinary Australians are contributing to this vilification with comments on Facebook and by forwarding chain emails that contain derogatory material. We believe, like fathers in ‘Dads in Distress’ that this behavior is being encouraged by the example set by some members of Parliament, . This behavior undermines the civility necessary for democracy to operate effectively, and risks creating an environment that denies men equal opportunity to contribute to Australia’s democratic government. and parenting

We call on all members of Parliament to provide leadership and publicly acknowledge that the kind of misandric behavior being demonstrated in Parliament, and in the broader community is not a legitimate part of political debate and needs to stop. We call on the mothers, fathers, spouses, partners, sons and daughters of members of Parliament to support our call and insist that these attacks will not be tolerated.

Yours sincerely

Professors of fathers suffering


  1. Funny how so many men going through divorce with no prior incidents of violence or assault, NO criminal records, in there custody cases are all the sudden abusive child and wife beaters. Anything to win… stop the real abuse, abuse of Australian father’s, abuse of all men in Australia

  2. Equal rights should be equal. Right now feminism is putting men down, degrading them and taking there basic rights away. Men should be able to divorce without fear of losing the rights to see there children or have there life’s earnings carved into nothing!!!

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