Hate Crime: men’s rights are not human rights

In the MRM a poster campaign is not just a poster campaign. It is a social experiment that tells us a lot about our culture. In a recent campaign in Vancouver,B.C. it told us that the MRM will need to be here for a long, long time.

Feminists on the attack in Vancouver

by Paul Elam

As many of you know, yesterday in Vancouver, B.C., MRA Jack Day was accosted by a group of feminists who were outraged by his placing up posters at a construction site that made the incendiary claim that men are human beings with rights. They converged behind Mr. Day, tearing down the posters.

Those same women physically assaulted a construction safety officer who instructed them that Mr. had a right to place the posters on the property. Police were summoned.

In order to get the details of the incident to you as expediently as possible, JTO, who arrived at the scene, appeared on AVfM Radio last night to give an account, which is included in this video.

There will be more to come on this incident. JTO is preparing an article (while doing about a dozen other things) and it will be available here as soon as it is done.

There is quite a bit to make comment on regarding this incident, but there is a chronology here that in my opinion literally speaks for itself.

  1. Man puts up posters saying that men have human rights.
  2. Feminists attack posters and start tearing them down
  3. An authorized person intervenes and instructs them to stop
  4. The feminists physically assault him.
  5. Police are called to the scene because of the assault
  6. Feminists literally start crying like forlorn waifs, claiming to feel threatened by the bad, bad pieces of paper that say men are human.
  7. AVfM is targeted by police for investigation of hate crimes, rather than make an arrest for an unprovoked and clearly illegal assault.

In other words, business as usual.

Well, there is one silver lining. JTO informs me that there was a good many bystanders at the incident, and that all of them, that is, everyone but the physically violent feminists, were clearly on the side of Mr. Day, and against the violent actions of the feminists.

Being that I am an American citizen in residence a great distance from Vancouver, B.C., I will not write checks with my mouth that have to be cashed by good men in Canada like Jack Day and JTO, who are literally on the street standing up to cultural misandry. Suffice it to say we are not going anywhere.

But I will add that the men and women putting up these posters across Canada, as well as the US, England and Australia have my deepest respect, and I know the respect of many others.

We will bring to you updates and reports as they happen on these events, as well as the increased number of posters that they will undoubtedly inspire.

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