Have You Seen My Child – The Quest To Recover a Stolen Child





To the DIDSS community

I would like to draw your attention to a new book being released by one of Australia’s leading authors – Robin Bowles. Robin was written a book about Ken, a friend and supporter of DIDSS who went to extraordinary lengths to find his son who had been abducted and taken overseas.

Here are some details from Robin, and a link to order the book should you wish to purchase it.

Hi Barry, Since December 2008, some of you will have read about the then Deputy Chief of the NSW Fire Brigade who was searching the world for his the 3 yo son, abducted from Australia by his wife. Against all odds, he succeeded, after a cycle crusade conducted over 6500kms around Europe. After more than three months of pedalling and searching, an alert teacher spotted the boy in Amsterdam. I helped the father with media advice and support and, as I am a writer (www.robinbowles.com.au) I now have written a book about this inspiring father.

Below you’ll find the links to my new book Have You Seen My Child, which tells the story from the ‘inside’ of this father’s desperate search around Europe to find his abducted son. The whole world ‘cheered’ when he succeeded. Now information not previously able to be published is contained in this gripping account, although due to very strict Australian Family laws, not much can be said about the ongoing battle to keep his son safe now he’s home in Australia..

I wonder if you could please put the links to my book, see below, so that lone fathers, or left-behind fathers, can read this father’s extraordinary story? Could you suggest that if they have a Facebook page, could they please put the links there? As we found out from the 3-year search for this little boy, Facebook is a very effective means of communication. Or simply forward the links to your email list.

Thank you..


LINKS: If you don’t have a kindle, you can download the story to your computer from Smashwords (second link) or download a Kindle app to your ipad and then use the Amazon link..




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