The Labor murderous policy








Abbott boat plan causes concern in Jakarta

A SENIOR Indonesian police official has voiced concerns about Opposition Leader Tony Abbott’s plan to turn back all asylum-seeker boats, warning the policy ignores Australia’s international obligations

This seems not issue about human rights, or legal right.

Turning the boats back is the safest and humane way forward.

The Labor murderous policy of belligerents against the High Court decision and fundamental inaction has encouraged and exasperated the situation causing up scale danger and masses of deaths, including young children.

Reality is the world is over populated; Australia itself is at breaking point, mass extinction of Australian wildlife species from habitat loss, remembering we ourselves are not an indigenous species. Moving the problem from one place to another is not a solution.

The real problem is breach of integrity and trust by government worldwide. Question is how to enforce integrity and trust from treacherous rouge governments, like Syria and so many others as needed in the past, present and future.

Systemic civil rights breaches by the Australian judiciaries and bureaucracies, pushing us towards civil war. We need to demand and fight for anti-corruption law in all bureaucracies and the judiciaries.

All we have now is law against treachery against the Sovereign and the Commonwealth, these have to be extended to ALL Australians.

Australian courts, bureaucratic and lawyers are treacherous and dangerous, exploiting vulnerable Australians.

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