Michael Buckley Tweed Heads DoCS Manager Under Investigation

Please email Barry O’Farrell kuringgai@parliament.nsw.gov.au send this link >> http://fathersaustralia.com/?p=1763&preview=true

ATT: office@goward.minister.nsw.gov.au, “ICAC” , complaints@community.nsw.gov.au, I have just recorded an interview regarding Tweed Heads manager Michael Buckley. He was informed last Friday about an illegal brothel which had children as young as 13 working as sex slaves in Tweed Heads. He refused to acknowledge or investigate even after the person returned a second time to give the details of where this brothel could be found. The person told another source and the brothel was raided on Saturday with numerous other girls found at this address.

Clich HERE for Lukes Army full story

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