The “Underlying” Truth of the Family Law Bill 2011

by Howard Beale on Thursday, 17 November 2011 at 12:30

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The Family Violence Bill – Gillard’s “Hate Men” laws – takes “He said” out of “He said, She Said” and removes all penalties for lying. This makes it impossible to share in the parenting of one’s own children after divorce.

The “weak” shared parenting  reform of 2006 caused litigated divorce to drop 22%. Gillard/Brown want more divorce for green female votes and power. 70% of unmarried/divorced females vote for welfare protection and social justice [wealth redistribution] of the Big Brother party. Redefining family violence to be whatever the accuser says it is guarantees re-election support from a multi-billion dollar divorce-family violence industry and decimates the traditional conservative voting powerbase of middle class family – a kind of payback for Workchoices attack on Union power but far more dangerous and irreversible..

Massive Hidden Costs – $11 Billion/yr

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