Lawyerocracy on Trial – The Very, Very Public, Last Will and Testament of a Failed, Criminal, Legal Regulator



… ☞☞☞ … Yesterday’s proceedings were delayed for 45 minutes while administrative staff scurried to move the hearing from a tiny upstairs room for 8 to the largest auditorium in the building … almost certainly a record crowd for any hearing of any lawyer disciplinary proceeding ever in Australia. These sorts of Tribunal hearings are always one way traffic. But the State government agencies that appear as ‘prosecutor’ and as ‘judge’ are used to things 100% their way. They have never before been subjected to one way traffic that, like the overflowing public gallery was 100% against them … ☞☞☞ …

Lawyerocracy on Trial – The Very, Very Public, Last Will and Testament of a Failed, Criminal, Legal Regulator

On 21 May 12 nearly 100 members of the public came to 55 King Street, Melbourne to witness the first of these Lawyerocracy Hearings, and what surely must be the last will and testament of Victoria’s failed, and criminal, legal regulator,Legal Services Commissioner Michael McGarvie.

Lawyerocracy on Trial – They came by land, they came by sea, they came by air

The purpose of this report is to give recognition to the wonderfully determined and extraordinarily well-behaved 100 men and women who came to the hearing yesterday. Many, I had never met or had contact with previously. All were prepared to give up their time and to make the effort (some travelling for 4 or 5 hours, some from far interstate) – to quietly say “no more” to the kinds of injustices that they personally have suffered at the hands of corruption and misconduct within the legal profession and allied branches and agencies of government.

In my next three reports, over coming days:

  • I will put the corruption on display at yesterday’s hearing in the context of the corruption, judicial, lawyer and in some cases police abuse they have suffered in their own lives, and in the context of the massive legacy of corruption and cronyism that the outgoing Bracks-Brumby-Hulls failed government administration has left as its legacy for the 18 month old Baillieu-Clark government to clean up – link to appear here.
  • I will describe some of the grossly disgusting (and grossly criminal) shenanigans that these two Victorian Government agencies (the Legal Services Commissioner and his in-house lawyers, principally, but the Victorian Civil and Administrative Appeals Tribunal, the supposed independent adjudicator, complicity and furtheratively) got up to in the hearing yesterday, and especially at a hastily convened secret hearing late last week (the second hearing in a row that was held without my knowledge until the injustices, unseen were well and truly, done) – link to appear here.
  • I will provide a comparative head to head score card, recording the professional standards (education, skills, ethics, judgement) of failed legal regulator Michael McGarvie and his band of a dozen in-house lawyers, versus the one and only myself, yours truly – link to appear here.

To read the rest of this report, you need to go to by clicking that link, or by clicking here, which is a direct link to the full report.

James Johnson
Independent Federal Candidate for Lalor,
22 May 2012

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