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Doc’s Dirty Tricks to Steal Kids

Submitted by mother of the monthon Sun, 08/04/2012 – 00:30

Ex foster carer would like to tell all mums and dads the dirty tricks that Docs plays on you to steal your babies and kids and what you can do to try to stop it.

1. Anything you say they will twist, so always answer their questions with a question or smile and say “why do you want to know that?” This is the most important technique you need to learn. It’s called Verbalising. And they will do it to you.

2. Always have your own psych report, their are some counsellors out there who are not a fan of Doc’s. If you use theirs or a Court one they then have the opportunity to diagnose Borderline Personality Disorder. This is a permanent mental health issue and is grounds to take your kids into perm. care. Depression is temporary so is not grounds to take them. Be very wary of one called Toni Single.

3. If they tell you when your court date is they will purposely tell you the wrong date, a day later in the week so that you don’t turn up on the correct day and the Magistrate immediately rules against you . You didn’t attend Court so you lose.

4. Always have an excellent school attendance record. This is the one they will get you on. DON’T let the kids stay home.

5. When they say very sweetly they will help you through this, they are LYING. Good cop, bad cop and the more you talk and blab, the more evidence they can get.

6.Don’t put anything on facebook. Be careful.

7. Don’t have any dogs scarier than a chihuahua in your yard when they come or they will report to Court about you having fighting dogs (child safety issue)

8. They will try to pit your family against each other so you all dob on each other. Very successful technique, don’t fall for it.

9. On your contact day the foster carer can sometimes be told to arrange a fun family outing for the same day and the child will be asked what she wants to do. Of course the kid is going to pick Luna Park and not some dreary Docs office with a mum who is now a stranger.

10.Be very careful of any agencies, refuges etc. Always ask them where do they get their funding from?

11. The contact drivers are told to listen and pump you and/or the kids for info. It’s called “a disclosure”

12.Never ever admit to the caseworker that you may have been a DV victim or that you had anything but a perfect upbringing. They are a risk factor and will be used against you. Hope all this helps, if I remember any more I will put it in a comment. . Groups: Action against DoCS Citizens Against Docs Members New Stolen Generation by DoCS citizens against docs Parents Alliance Alecomm

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