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Our Founding Fathers event in Washington will have one less protester to assist us in our civil rights cause. The reason: he was put in jail this week for so-called “child support” arrears. He is a former Pennsylvania state representative who was set to speak on the need for Family Court reform. Meanwhile, Illinois Congressman, Joe Walsh, continues to be attacked as a “dead beat dad” by sexist liberals for his position against child support abuses (he allegedly owes more than $100,000 to a successful but vindictive ex-spouse). These events illustrate plainly how you, the reader of this post, may become the next victim in this “war on parents”. They also show why the apathy of our victims will cause even more to be committed to debtor prisons or career damage.

While feminists seeking to justify their existence continue to concoct this “War on Women”, the real war on men, fathers in particular, is waged relentlessly and quietly. It’s time that moms and dads rejected the propaganda of a vocal minority of radicals who have been aggressively destroying families and parent-child relationships for more than two decades. We see the damage everywhere especially in the federal welfare laws where the support enforcement bureaucracy is financed. In our lobby packet, we show how the needs of bureaucrats and not our children are at the core of these laws and entitlement mentality which is bankrupting an entire nation.

News articles feature the “equal pay” and “Lilly Ledbetter” laws for women, but the public is denied the information balance of an “equal custody” or “shared parenting” law for men. The plain injustices impact minority fathers more than any other segment of the parenting population. So when you ignore, disparage or excuse yourself from reform efforts like the one scheduled for April 18-20, 2012 in our nation’s capital, you facilitate all this. See our itinerary posted on April 13, 2012 at Put another way, your inaction is effectively promoting the ongoing carnage to family, our Constitution and moral fiber as a nation. Please join us, if not for yourself, then for your children. They need you in their lives.

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