Family Court – The Horrors of Divorce for Men

The horrors of divorce for men: from the kidnapping of their children, to the financial enslavement by a corrupt judiciary, to the suicidal despair of fathers denied access to their children post-divorce by spiteful and vindictive spouses. Men of all ages should wake up to the fact that the modern marriage contract is not what it used to be, and that no group of citizens – with the exception of convicted felons – has fewer rights in society than fathers.
In behalf of men as a group, I invite all people with a good heart, a sense of justice, and a love for family and children to support the equal rights of fathers.
Given that we are a young movement, it is necessary that we first raise awareness of the issues at hand. Spread the word! And if you want to see more videos on the corruption of the family court system, please see my video on the source of the corruption in the family court system below:
Thanks for viewing!

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