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             AND JUSTICE FOR ALL (MOST) ????by Administrator

Our post today     comes from our good friend Don Meehan, who has asked us to share both this     video and his message with our followers:


I wrote my book, “Best Interests of the Children” after fighting     the Long Island system 77 times in court in one of the most corrupt     situations ever and the worst neglect and custody cases ever in Long     Island. (‘70s) We survived the nightmare and I save my kids after being     almost totally bankrupted. Things apparently haven’t changed after 35     years. I will be doing a documentary that will include that and other     judicial mafia acts and want you to also see the trailer on it AND JUSTICE     FOR ALL(MOST????) at:

Feel free to send this to any and all.

The deep cancer     within the judicial and prosecutorial mafia has grown so deep that it will     take a miracle or some kind of superhuman leadership to form an army, and a     multi-million dollar press campaign to conquer and overhaul the big mess     that has spread so wide. The corruption goes from the smallest rural     communities to the largest cities, and continues to grow, totally hidden     from view by the masses.

We need a Commanding General to step forward and take charge in     forming an army to fight for JUSTICE FOR ALL.

Special talents     are needed to band an army together with strong and competent leadership     and generals, who can lead the fight and attack on all fronts. Celebrities     have the limelight, and if on board, can play a huge part in joining the     fight. However, getting them interested is another story. For once again,     nobody cares about the suffering going on among those who have gone up     against the strong and powerful system and have lost.

There is no     doubt that the death penalty has snuffed out some innocent souls, too weak     or too poor to fight such a corrupt system. And many, like me, were trampled     on with judges getting paid and with political favors handed out, judicial     and prosecutorial misconduct allowed, to where one runs out of the energy     and resources to continue the fight. Once you lose in the lower courts it     is a fight that you have nowhere to go but to higher courts, where judges     are content with protecting their own, and know well, how to keep you     spending thousands to gain nothing. Thank God there are still a few good     ones out there.

Ignorance is bliss!

The obstacles that are preventing healing, I believe, lies with the     ignorance and bliss of the general public. And the media is also apparently     blind to the reality of it all, and take their sides or only report what     sells. And the cancer remains hidden. Any one of us fighting alone can     easily be brought down and nobody cares. Their weapons are strong and     fierce and many. Even attorneys are targets if they dare to cross the line.     Attorneys filing any kind of complaints against judges are committing     suicide with their careers. And if the layman doesn’t know the law, s/he     loses in any righteous battle, but they know now to bankrupt you and     completely destroy you.

As some of you know, since you probably have seen my trailer on the     Internet about the corruption at     I have strong aspirations to make the documentary and expose it all, and     certainly have the talents and experience in that area. It will be a huge     undertaking and will require a lot of time, money and expertise. Right now,     this is on hold while I attempt a promotion campaign to gain more of a     following. In fact, I am working on a plan to even increase my capabilities     regarding show business and production, that will play a vital role in our     publicity. I’ll send you a link within a week or two.

I propose now that all of us who are involved with getting the word     out there at the present time, whether and individual or a group, or an     established organization, put our heads together and start building the     army and seek the right solutions that will inform the American public     about the things that need to be done to cure this cancer. We need a leader     with the necessary talents to proceed in that direction.

Will someone     please step forward and assume this position? For some, with talents in     other directions, the task would be impossible. But word is also     desperately needed from those with talents who can organize and plan and do     public relations.

Thank you Don for this submission.

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