The Nelson L. Moody,Sr. Story

This channel focus on Father’s rights and custody issues as it relates to father…s.The need to change the judicial system as it relates to custody need to be changed.

The most inspiring story you will ever see about how far a father will go in the judicial system just to be a part of his child/children lives. The determination of a father when all odds are against him. The courage to challenge The Supreme Court of The United States for custody of his son. If you like the movies- The Pelican Brief, The Hurricane,Antwone Fisher,Daddy’s Little Girls,John Q, Taken and Finding Nemo you will love ” When A Judge Can’t Judge” based on my first two books, ” When A Judge Can’t Judge(My nightmare of the court system in Baltimore,Md.) and When A Judge Can’t Judge-Part Two ( The Conclusion).

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