Tell to stop discrimination against men

Sign Teri’s petition down below to tell to stop discrimination against men. Write them directly as well to show your disapproval. says immigrants have rights, gays have rights, animals have rights, women have rights but men don’t have rights. They have refused to include a men’s right’s category on their site and censored a gentleman 8 months ago for asking them to do so. This must stop. By Valentine’s Day if they don’t stop their anti-male policies I will no longer use them for any petitions nor sign any that they promote. (Credo and Care2 as well since they are biased too). Ipetitions and gopetitions I believe are not biased. I hope you will join me and also sign and share share share this video and petition.   Thank you. (To write them directly) (over 8 months ago, this happened to someone asking for a men’s rights’ section.)
Please join this Facebook group to end this bigotry.

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