Rffj this morning sent 2 activists units to the Nottingham and Kennington homes of Justice Secretary Ken Clarke. This morning two members have taken to the rooftop of the West Bridgford Conservative Club directly opposite Ken Clarke’s offices.
The purpose is to bring Ken Clarke into the real world, and decontaminate his ‘Victorian dad’ style of thinking.
Ahead of the demonstration, news filtered in to protesters about the passing of Paul Pegram, a loving father who had recently taken his own life after a judge had permanently excluded him from contact with his 7 year old son.
Rffj said “We will observe a minute silence today to pay our respects to Paul Pegram, a loving father who lost his life because he was failed by family law”
“The system failed in their duty of care to Paul and his son, he was told he wouldn’t even be allowed to phone his son again, let alone have any direct contact with him” “We are here today to bring Ken Clarke into the real world, to let him know what actually happens behind the secret doors of a family court, how it ruins lives like Paul Pegram and his son”

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