Sir Bob Geldof speaks up for the rights of single fathers

Free Australia from the family court bigots and tyrants … Geldof’s most recent high-profile crusade is to highlight the anti-father prejudice of the family courts. When he and Paula Yates originally split he lost custody of the children, and even though he fought successfully (at great expense) to get them back, his shock and disgust with the system rages on. Geldof has written about his experiences and views extensively in a 30-page report entitled: ‘The Real Love That Dare Not Speak Its Name’. A Sometimes Coherent Rant, recently abridged for a national newspaper.  Love him or hate him, agree or disagree, no one could deny that Geldof is good at getting results. Whatever cause he happens to be fighting for, he is the world’s most effective troublemaker. You can read more here…

You can watch Bob’s message in the following video’s.

One thought on “Sir Bob Geldof speaks up for the rights of single fathers

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