The Family law changes / de-reforms

The Family law changes / de-reforms are only to legalise the corruption that is rife in the courts now today and for past decades, If Gillard and the women’s power group get their Family law passed I see devastation for kids and dads.

The obvious and overwhelming for many men, discrimination and abuse in and around the court WITH NO ACCOUNTABILITY and NO GOVERNING COMMISSION, proves the Australian courts have failed. The Australian family courts have failed to uphold the Australian laws failed their primary mandate to deliver in the interest of children, and it has deliberately failed, acting out of feminist policies and not acting on Australian law, the courts now are a failure, a farce and a fraud.

When feminist women’s power groups are “unwilling to accept or permit the possibility of a true relationship of fundamental equality to exist” ( this is the case in the Australian courts today and has been this way for decades, we are at war with the feminists, not of our choosing.

The rule of law fails when the courts fail and the government fails to deliver equality and justice to the common people again we are at war not of our choosing, but a war thrust on us by the courts and the Australian government administration failures.

“The attempt to establish or maintain domination and to avoid equality is a precipitating
 factor in all wars, i.e., one group wishing to dominate another. Attempts at domination are also often the primary precipitating factor in individual one-on-one violence outside of the context of war, i.e., one individual attempting to dominate another. ” (

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  1. Feminism is about control and manipulation, its crowning achievement is ABORTION, an ideal is the sum of its maxims, the axiom of feminism it is an abortion, if a feminist believes in abortion by this premise accept their maxima of self abortion.

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