Family Violence Bill


The Gillard Labor Government supports extortion and single parent families. A Bill called the Family Law Legislation Amendment (Family Violence and Other Measures) Bill 2011 is currently before Parliament.

The Bill has recently received the support of the Senate Legal and Constitutional Affairs Committee. The Senate Committee’s Report on the Bill was tabled in the Senate on Monday 22 August 2011 (Hansard page 74).

There are two (2) parts to the Bill.

Firstly, there is a broadening of the definition of what is deemed to be “family violence”. The refusal to hand over your credit card to your wife, husband or partner will constitute “family violence”. At the same time, penalties for providing false information are to be removed from the Family Law Act 1975 (it is noted this later item is specifically not supported by the Coalition Senators in the Senate Report).

This will lead to extortion.

Secondly, the wording of the Bill will legislatively lift “family violence” above the need of children to see both parents after either divorce or separation.

The proportion of one-person households increased from 15.7 per cent of households in the 1976 Census to 24.4 per cent in the 2006 Census. The proportion of two-person households also increased from 28.1 per cent of households in 1976 to 34.1 per cent in 2006 (ABS 2010 Year Book).

The Bill, if passed, will result in false allegations of family violence. This will then further contribute to the increase in one-person and two-person households in Australia.

We only have to look at the recent British riots to see what problems this will cause.

John Flanagan                                                                                                   Deputy Registered Officer,                                                                                                                    Non-Custodial Parents Party (Equal Parenting).                                

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