Julia’s man problems

Quoted from Fathers for Equality

Julia Gillard has got a serious problem with Australian men. So much so that she is soon about to pass the most malicious anti-male laws this country has ever seen, which will effectively presume that all separated men are Wife Abusers or Child Sexual Predators, that is an effective presumption of Guilt against separated fathers. This bill will rely on the subjective thoughts of the alleged victim to determine guilt or innocence, not on objective or conclusive facts.

So these new laws effectively mean that even if an event did not occur, a separated father will still be judged to be an abuser, because all the alleged victim has to do is say that she is scared…no facts or proof required.”

Call for a parliamentary office for Children and for Men!

Why is there only a parliamentary office for women, and not children and men?

It is well know and documented Australian courts and departments are over run with fem corruption, completely unabated discrimination and abuse directed against men and children.

If we can get the numbers, only then will they stand up and pay attention and make the changes kids and Dad’s need.

Stand up for all Australian Kids, these new laws will only harm kids, help bring back justice and equality to Australia.

Australian Kids need your support more than ever.

We need to show numbers, join up, register now, send this link on to everyone you know, mates, family, friends …

Send this to your member of parliament and every other member you can now before it’s to late…

Dad’s and kid’s alike are victims of ALP feminist abuse and policies.

you are not alone, please don’t hesitate to ask for support www.fathersunionaustralia.com

5 thoughts on “Julia’s man problems

  1. I have been to court 5 times, over a year now, done nothing wrong, have been beaten up, abused, discriminated against, and experienced lying cheating, false family reports, complete corruption from the get go, just because I am a dad.
    The relay horrifying thing is I am my son’s primary attachment and carer; he is being abused knowingly by feminist’s courts.
    Federal and family court is absolutely over run with corruption now, these new laws with see much more bloodshed.

    • doesnt give much hope at the moment ihave started the procss and i cannot believe what is bgoing on the do not listen to any one except for what she sapys

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  3. Howard wrote “This “Hate Men” law takes the “he said” out of “he said/she said” and removes all penalties for lying. Family violence is redefined to be non-violence, fear no longer has be reasonable and the protections against poisoning/alienating the child, the most insidious and long term damaging form of child abuse, are repealed supposedly to protect children. This law which presumes guilt without evidence is persecution masquerading as protecting children. If there is any doubt of the “underlying” purpose of this bill then ask why interim protection orders, the main tactic for sole maternal custody repealed in 2006, are being reinstated without explanation. The Govt poses as champions of motherhood and family for green female votes knowing that this bill puts the majority of children at increased risk of abuse. The bill manufactures and perpetuates the child harming conflict it purports to redress. Why? 70% of unmarried/divorced women vote for the economic & social protections of Big Brother govt. They vote for welfare and social justice – wealth [power] redistribution from the “dominant class” (men) to the “subordinate class” (women). Then we never get the Greens out. Taxpayers pick up the tab for $billions thrown away in massive increases in welfare, the mass criminalisation of men, and dealing with all the social pathologies directly related to mass fatherlessness – delinquency, addictions, poverty, crime, mental health, dropouts… – which ironically creates a self-perpetuating cycle of family dysfunction and abuse. And electoral dependence on the Left. This law is nothing more than politically correct child abuse. Call your Senator and ask that he/she oppose the family violence bill”

    • Fatherless men need to realize there are also childless mothers. Laws brought in that seem feministic ARE. They are intended to bring anger and hate and feelings of discrimination. Just as they have with aboriginal people. Toots of those laws and subsidies didn’t create equality they created more hate and racism than ever because of their discriminative undertones. They are designed to cause conflict and divide and conquer within the human race. And the more subdivision there is, the more litigation there is which creates billions of dollars for the rich and inscripulous. I too have been the subject of fraudulent court reports. In fact I WASNT EVEN ASKED TO ATTEND MY FINAL ORDERS HEARING IN FAMILY COURT!!!

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